Is the fabric enterprise ready to win in autumn and winter?

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Since October, many places in China have seen cliff-like temperature drop. Topics such as "People in the north have moved out of their down jackets", "Guangdong will join the group chat on cooling" and "Beijing loses one second of autumn in winter" have been trending on Sina Weibo. Under the cold wave, many consumers have increased their demand for keeping warm, prompting the sales performance of autumn and winter clothing in the whole National Day holiday to be very bright, and also rapidly driving the sales boom of autumn and winter fabrics.

Since October, many places in China have seen cliff-like temperature drop. Topics such as "People in the north have moved out of their down jackets", "Guangdong will join the group chat on cooling" and "Beijing loses one second of autumn in winter" have been trending on Sina Weibo. Under the cold wave, many consumers have increased their demand for keeping warm, prompting the sales performance of autumn and winter clothing in the whole National Day holiday to be very bright, and also rapidly driving the sales boom of autumn and winter fabrics.

Miss spring and summer win in autumn and winter

Many places in a short time of cooling weather, is affecting the "temperature" of the consumer market. Each major shopping square, department store clothing counters have placed winter clothes in a prominent position, down jackets, cashmere sweaters and other "winter standard" one by one on the shelves, try on, buy an endless stream of consumers. Data from e-commerce platforms are even more hot: During the National Day holiday, the sales of long Johns and long Johns increased by 125.64% month-on-month, and the sales of down jackets increased by more than 140% month-on-month.

The booming consumption situation tells the whole textile and clothing market, the winter clothing market demand is huge, can make a difference.

The fabric market is also taking advantage of the trend. Monitoring shows that during the Mid-Autumn Festival to the National Day, the traditional market of China textile city trade decreased, but the autumn and winter fabrics still sell well, trade continues to be active, and the price is relatively strong, marketing bright spots frequently appear.

"Recently, China textile city autumn and winter fabric orders increased significantly, Guangzhou Xiqiao, Shenzhen, Puning, Jiangsu Changzhou and other places of old customers have calls letter, market delivery has increased." China Textile City information gatherer Jiang Jianren said that for the textile fabric market, the change of temperature is bound to be an important factor affecting the market. Historically, the cold winter weather to domestic autumn and winter clothing retail boost obviously. At present, the scale of spot trading is taking shape, a number of market operators are increasing efforts to organize the listing of goods.

The new edition of "China Shengze Silk Chemical Fiber Index" monitoring also showed that the sales of fabrics in autumn and winter picked up and the market orders increased compared with the previous period. Data show that recently, the fall and winter fabric goods began to increase, conventional fabric goods, although not as good as in previous years, but the production of regular products of the production enterprises can basically reach 70% of the opening rate, the opening rate basically remains stable. Manufacturers shipment situation is better, production and sales are stable. New type of fleece jacquard, fleece jacquard or jacquard print type variety, ice silk type single and double sided combination jacquard variety, modified silk and ice silk mixed single and double sided combination knitting jacquard variety...... Some niche autumn and winter fabrics are favored by different customers in the north and south.

Lonzhong analyst Qi Jinyue believes the current market trend is to be expected. She analyzed, because of the "cold winter economy" expected power, every year around October is the traditional shipping season of the fabric market, at this time the downstream clothing enterprises generally exist for winter stock rigid demand. In addition, due to the relatively limited number of clothing orders in the first half of the year, many clothing enterprises missed the spring and summer market. Now the weather turns cold suddenly, and the backlog of demand is released, and all kinds of orders naturally increase.

Innovative varieties are emerging

At present, the autumn and winter fabric market heating trend is obvious. According to the reporter's observation, the promotion of autumn and winter fabrics is not only Ni silk spinning, four bullet, T8/T400 these conventional varieties, innovative fabrics rise suddenly, more popular.

Zhejiang Original Textile Technology Co., LTD., recently developed mountaineering integrated cashmere fabric series, the product once it hit the market has attracted the attention of the industry. Huang Chengjun, co-founder of the company, said that the front of the fabric is delicate and soft, with suede feel, can effectively resist wind cold; The opposite grain is full, clear and round. It is worth noting that this fabric eliminates the composite process and adopts the form of integrated weaving, showing the characteristics of warp and weft integrated weaving, free combination of raw materials, no hair pulling and no hair shedding on both sides. On the one hand, this technology improves the production efficiency and shortens the production cycle. On the other hand, it also avoids the possible impact of glue operation on the environment and health, and greatly reduces the carbon emissions of the product in production.

"This fabric has a two-sided style and functions in one step, which can be used in outdoor, sports, leisure, home and other scenarios," Huang said proudly. At present, this product has established cooperation with a number of well-known domestic outdoor and children's wear brands."

Functional fabrics, mainly promoted by Zhejiang Jin Chi Textile Co., LTD., are also attracting market attention. "In preliminary tests, the fabric is twice as cold resistant as Merino wool and four times as strong as cotton, under the same conditions." Bi Guangjun, chairman of the company, introduced that the fabric adopts 50D high-elastic mechanical elastic, does not rely on spandex, and tries to extract inspiration from the combination of different elastic fibers to increase the freshness and smoothness of the fabric, so that the fabric has good elasticity and high comfort. After finishing with TPU film composite polar fleece, the whole fabric is light, fast drying, easy to wash, even when wet can still keep out the cold.

The main products of Shaoxing Keqiao Yunxiang Textile Co., Ltd. this season are quilted embroidery feather and cotton clothing fabric. Its quilting materials are mainly dupont cotton, recycled cotton, down cotton and graphene cotton with excellent heat preservation. "On the basis of environmentally friendly dyed fabrics, we add advanced finishing processes such as digital printing, bronzing, coating and composite to make the fabrics functional and fashionable in one." The company responsible for Lu Caihua said.

"The market is testing the craftsmanship of fabric companies' products. Only products that are more in line with market demand and of higher quality can win the hearts of downstream clothing brands and buyers." Zhao Huizhou, founder and designer of YiZhihui, said, "I found that fabric companies have strengthened the synthetic application of fibers in the new fabrics of this autumn and winter, and tried to retain the advantages of different kinds of fibers to give fabrics better performance. In addition, consumers' awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the concept of sustainability is becoming popular, and fabric companies are significantly increasing their efforts to develop related products."

Nian Chunqiao, research and development director of Red Collar brand, has a similar view. He believes that nowadays fabric enterprises are becoming more and more mature in design, fashion trend grasp and technology application. Meanwhile, enterprises are becoming more and more oriented to new product development. For example, recyclable and degradable environmental protection products are the focus of product research and development of enterprises. He admits that brands are more concerned with the actual effect of fabrics on the market. "The advantages of fabric are not only reflected in the design sense and technical content of the fabric itself, but also need to be combined with the price of the fabric, whether the enterprise supports small order fast reverse and other factors to make a comprehensive judgment".

Be careful not to follow suit

Fabric market warming in October, "stir up" the enterprise for the fourth quarter of this year market expectations.

The "China Keqiao Textile Index", released on October 17, predicts that in the coming period, the fall and winter fabric goods will be in good momentum and the number of orders will increase. The demand for autumn and winter casual clothing fabrics and home textile fabrics will increase month-on-month, and some silk scarf fabrics will enter normal production.

Qi Jin month believes that after experiencing a flat "gold nine", fabric enterprise sprint annual performance hope all fell in the fourth quarter. The uncertainties affecting the market in the first three quarters may be gradually clarified in the fourth quarter. The market is expected to breed new structural opportunities.

However, she also reminded that the recent fabric enterprises in the hot market at the same time, still need to be calm. In particular, the recent continuous fluctuation of the raw material market, so that fabric enterprises in the stocking aspect there is still a greater risk. "Although fabric enterprises in the year before the hoarding of raw materials has almost become a tradition, but since this year, the market frequently off the traditional track, enterprises still do not overstock, do not blindly follow the trend of production."

"Recently, the textile market has been stable and rational. "We expect a small upsurge in the fabric market, but it won't last long." In the view of Lin Lin, vice president and secretary general of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, the current industry is still facing a lot of uncertainties, enterprises need to look at the long-term, do not rely too much on the "cold winter effect" or "gold nine silver ten". "It is the best policy for enterprises to find new sales channels, form new growth points and create their own 'peak season' according to their positioning and advantages."

With the arrival of the fourth quarter, the fabric market in 2022 "closing battle" time has arrived. Who can laugh in the unknown and challenging situation, it remains to be seen by time.